Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Wish I Could Be One of Those Models

I don’t consider myself the most fashionable and trendy, but I do love dressing up and shopping for things that I think look good on me. I don’t just buy something because it is the latest fad or the latest trend. More than anything, I have to consider if it will fit me in all aspects. Otherwise, I will go with something I look better in although it is not the latest trend.

To get ideas on what looks best on the petite and skinny me, I not only have a Vogue magazine subscription, I also browse fashion blogs online, and watch fashion shows on TV. I may not really like what’s on those fashion shows, but at least I know what the latest trends are in different seasons.

Don’t you just love watching those fashion shows with those long-legged models? With a stage that is prepped with colorful lights (that stage light at guitar center could be one) and pretty decorations for an awesome walk displaying beautiful clothes and models, it is simply one thing that I enjoy watching.

How about you? Do you love fashion shows too?

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