Friday, October 25, 2013

Whoopee, No Diet for Me!

I am petite, not to mention, skinny. I’ve always been skinny. The only time I remember gaining much weight was when I was pregnant with my son and that was ten years ago. A few months after giving birth, I lost my baby weight even without doing anything like exercise or taking supplements. I think it has something to do with the genes - on my father’s side, that is. We are on the petite and skinny side. It is hard for me to gain weight, but so easy to lose weight which some people really consider great. I even received compliments like I still look like I’m single and look like I haven’t given birth at all.

Unfortunately though, not all of us have the same story as mine. It is really hard to lose weight for some despite all the hard work in the gym and exercise. My mom is a living example. She registered on a weight loss program before, but she reached to a point where she no longer loses weight even though she is still going through the program. She reached the yoyo stage which prompted her to stop it. 

And then came the diet supplements, lots of them which include TRIMSPA diet supplements, and also diet pills like TRIMSPA diet pills. My mom never tried that. She was done with dealing with her weight and just accepted the fact that’s she will always be like that.

But not all have the same thoughts as her. Individuals who were determined to shed those extra pounds really got into diet pills and supplements. I have read successful stories in magazines and newspapers, and watched great transformations on television which was without a doubt, pretty amazing. They always show the “before and after” of each individual and it never failed to awe me.

I totally admire people who always have the will and determination. Those people who would take risk to prove to themselves that they can do it because more often than not, that is the kind of thinking which gets them to the top and helps them reach their dreams. And those are the kind of stories that never fails to inspire me.

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