Sunday, April 14, 2013

It Would Sound Fantastic if He Could Actually Sing…LOL!

It’s a lazy Sunday for us today. We were supposed to do some cleaning and planting in the yard, but the weather is keeping us from doing it. The temp is only in the 40’s and it is too cool for us to work outside. 

So, we’re going to enjoy the indoors instead. Hubby is now playing the guitar while singing and I am singing along with him. It would be great if we had a mic. It would make us feel like artists doing the performance of our life. LOL. 

That gear one mic would be awesome to have after I read the. But we don’t have one yet so for now, we will just make use of what we have - no mic. Heehee. 

This is such a great bonding between two music lovers. Love it!

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