Thursday, July 30, 2015

Watch Me Style Out With My Jord Watch

I don’t consider myself fashionable or someone that is always “IN” when it comes to the latest fads or trends in the fashion world, but I do know one thing that I am certain of: I love accessories. They are always a part of my get-up and I feel incomplete without them. I have to have my earrings, rings, bracelet, necklace and watch. But although I love accessories, I am also picky when it comes to choosing them. I don’t just grab me an accessory or any jewelry just because they are the latest fad or they are the hottest. I am also particular to their design and if they would look good on me or if they suit my style.

I consider my style as simple and chic. I do love accessories, but I don’t like those chunky ones. And I don’t like overdoing them like putting a lot of bracelets on both arms. I can go with only one bracelet and sometimes two. When it comes to earrings, I prefer stud earrings more than anything.

In regard to watches, I don’t like the ones with gold plated bracelets. I have always loved the leather bracelets. And then I discovered the wood watches. Have you already seen the wide array of fabulous women’s watches by JORD? I would have never thought wood watches would look so chic and fabulous!

The one that I am wearing is just one of the many lovely watches that they have. There are different designs that you can choose from as well as different colors to suit your taste. Not only that, they also have a lot of great looking men’s watches for the man of your life. I am already thinking of getting my husband one for Christmas maybe or, better yet, our anniversary.

I just love the look and fit of my new JORD watch. It definitely looks chic on my arm. Don’t you think so too? I am such a happy camper! Who wouldn’t be? I just added a new accessory to my collection. Gotta love that!

Womens Wooden Watches

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Need a Lift?

Have you seen those motorcycle lifts on ? I came across it today and I have never seen one like it before. I don’t drive a motorcycle, but I used to ride on one a lot when I was young because my dad had one and it was what he used when he drove us to school.

It has been years since then because that was way back when I was in elementary and high-school. But I surely have never thought there was such thing as motorcycle lift which I actually find cool. I bet my dad would have been delighted to have had it because he loves to tinker with his motorcycle. The lift would have helped him a lot in so many ways.

He doesn’t have a motorcycle anymore. He traded it in exchange for a car. But I do know that he would love to have a motorcycle again because like he said before, the thrill of driving a motorcycle is way different than driving a car. Well, if he decides to get one again, I will tell him about the lift. I think he would love to have one.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Back-to-School Shopping

I was blog hopping yesterday and I can't believe some of them are already talking about back-to-school shopping. I love shopping alright, but it's not even August yet. Can we talk about back to school in August? LOL.

For me it feels like summer has just started and we haven't enjoyed it to the fullest yet. I was actually surprised when I saw the stand at the grocery store holding the list of school supplies needed for school. Like, really? They are displaying it already?

I am definitely looking forward to shopping for our little kiddo, but I am certainly not ready for school to start yet. Well, it's not starting soon yet, I know. I still have like a month to adjust and to motivate myself about my son being in the middle school already this year. Yup! Oh well!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I Want to Hear Him Play Again

The husband has not been playing with his guitar lately and that is because he needs new strings. I have no idea about musical instrument accessories so I don’t know exactly what kind of strings he needs. Is it the flatwounds bass strings? I am totally clueless. I’ll just have to ask him.

I’ve been caught up with tasks and I forgot to ask him exactly what strings he needs specifically when we talked about it a few days ago. I will just have to ask him again later. I actually forgot about the strings until I saw a guitar that I stumbled upon online. Or maybe he’ll just buy him a new guitar. How’s that?