Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Sun Safety Stylishly

The heat is definitely on! And without a doubt, this is that part of the year that most of us if not all in the northern hemisphere so look forward to. I am one of those who dread the super cold months and below zero temps so needless to say, I couldn't be any happier now that summer is here.

With summer comes a lot of fun outdoor activities. From yard work to hanging out in the park or sun soaking at the beach or hiking our mountain trails...the list goes on. There sure is a lot of things that we can do, but with the sun shining, there is something that we need to think of too – protecting ourselves from the sun's rays. We do know how important it is and how difficult it could become to our health if we take it for granted that there are no consequences to too much basking in Ol' Sol's aura.

I am very particular when it comes to protecting myself from it and the first thing that I consider a staple on summer months is a sunscreen – SPF 15 or more, to be precise. When I know that my skin is protected, I am confident enough to show some skin and wear comfortable clothing under the heat of the sun. Of course, not to be forgotten, the hat to protect the face and sunglasses to protect the eyes, as shown in the fashion board that I've included below. That is the kind of go-to outfit that you would see me displaying. And with that being said, it is a given that you can still be fabulously stylish while protecting yourself at the same time. And with some added blings at that.


We are not halfway through summer yet so we still have a lot of time to enjoy summer to the fullest. Remember though, enjoy summer in style, but be safe as well. Have fun, y'all!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fabulous in Her Little Black Dress

Seeing my niece wearing "grown-up" dresses makes me feel so old. I still couldn't believe that she is no longer the cutie li'l niece that I used to babysit. Well, she's still a cutie, but absolutely not "little" anymore. It's so obvious in the photo, isn't it?

She's a lady now alright and she is actually going to celebrate her 18th birthday in September. Where did the time go? It surely flew by without me noticing it. Or maybe I just didn't notice because I was having fun myself.

But more than anything, I am so thrilled that she is growing up with such taste in fashion that I totally agree or approved of. The photo below is the proof. She looked elegant and sophisticated in this little black dress. She almost looked so grown up you would think she is not seventeen. Or probably that was the goal that she was trying to reach in this ensemble that was why she wore those eyeglasses.

Nevertheless, I am so proud of her fashion choices. With that being said, this will only be the first time that I will feature her here. There will be more next time (with her permission of course).

Simply fab!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If He Had a Bucket, He Couldn't Carry a Tune in It

We are a family who loves to sing. Although I must admit that we all don't have the voices of angels on high. Well, my husband says I do, but I think that's a given from him because he is my number one fan after all. But I have to be honest about him, he can't find the melody. I actually kid him all the time that I really don't mind him singing as long it he tries to keep in tune. Unfortunately, as hard as he tries, he just can't do it. Peace, Honey! Heehee.

My poor hubby. He really needs a lot, I mean super-duper a lot of practice. Our 11-year-old son even beats him when it comes to singing. Our son inherited my angel voice, I think. Wheee!

Well, I do believe in the saying that practice makes perfect and that my angel voice is contagious. In due time, my husband will be contaminated by it. Or maybe we'll just buy a tuner that we can install in him. How's that? Just kidding!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Colorful Ankle Socks

Got these new set of colorful ankle socks from Marshalls - one of the few stores that I love to shop because of their affordable brand name and designer goodies.

Buying these wasn't in my plan though. I was just looking around checking if there is something that I like and then I came across these. I figured I don't have ankle socks yet so I grabbed them. They are really affordable so getting them didn't give me any second thoughts at all.

They are not thick socks so they are perfect for the summer when I wear my sneakers. And I love the fact that the color near the ankle shows. It gives more life to my white sneakers.

What do you think? They are so colorful and lovely, aren't they?