Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Need to Shop for Some Extra Time

Our weekends have been so busy for two consecutive weeks now. Our son had a lot of activities at school and we have to add his sport which is soccer to our schedule. Their matches are on Saturdays so aside from the grocery shopping that we always do on Saturdays, we have that too.

Plus this previous weekends, we have to add some other shopping for the projects that I am doing in the house. It was really hectic that if ever I will think of doing some wholesale clothing shopping, I just have to forget about it because there is no way I can do it.

But more than anything, I am so happy with what I have accomplished even though there is still a lot to do. Like the husband always tells me, “One day at a time.”

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nothing is More Brilliant than A Bright Smile

I don't consider myself a vain person, but I do certain things at times that are not certainly a need for me, but more of a want. One among the few on the list is whitening my teeth – not just with a toothpaste but with the special kind of product which I believe is becoming a way to go nowadays. It is becoming a hit probably because of the no hassle of going to the dentist, not to mention, it is way more affordable as compared to getting it from the dentist, yet you get the same result.

The last time I used an over-the-counter whitening kit was before our wedding three years ago. See, told you. I am not really vain when it comes to my teeth. And although I got the result that I wanted, I hadn't thought of doing it again until an opportunity came. I was given a kit for free. Hey! Who doesn't want a freebie? It seems like they knew that it's about time for me to whiten my teeth again, huh? sent me their professional teeth whitening kit with the Lab Direct Custom fitted teeth whitening trays along with an LED accelerator light and white gel pen to bring out the beautiful and white smile in me. We all stain our teeth from eating, drinking and smoking. I don't smoke, but I am a coffee drinker which I think is one among the many things that stain teeth easily. I do brush my teeth three times a day with a whitening toothpaste but I know for certain that it is not enough to remove the stains.

I have tried the whitening system once today and I can't wait to see the results. See the before and after photos from those who have tried it. Aren't those brilliant?

There are a lot of options when it comes to whitening our pearly whites. The choice is yours. But there are factors that you need to consider like the budget and how quick you want to see the results.

Basically, the most affordable are the over-the-counter ones with half a fraction of what the dentist would offer with the same proven and tested results.

If you are thinking of giving those pearly whites their needed brightness, please check for more information.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Timex Expedition for Him

For Hubby's birthday this year - last February to be exact, I gave him this - a Timex Expedition wrist watch. It was the second time that I've given him a wrist watch. The first time was on his birthday in 2010 - his first birthday that we're already a couple. We were not together yet that time so needless to say, I mailed him a package together with other goodies here in the U.S. That one was also a Timex but it was more of a dressy watch. This one is a sporty type which I knew he so wanted to have.

And guess what? Of course he was delighted to have it. It has a black leather strap and an Indiglo night-light which he finds so useful. It is really nice and the style is very "manly." Agree?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Red Scarf

My first scarf ever! And red it is. I bought this at JCPenny two years ago, but since I don't use it that often, it still look brand-new. Can you tell?

The scarf is made out of a what seems like a yarn that is so soft. I am not sure what kind it is actually but it almost look like a crocheted scarf to me. I don't know how to sew nor do I have any idea about the different kinds of fabric, so please bear with me.

The most important thing is the scarf is pretty and I love it! Enough reasons to talk about it and share it with you all, I guess. *wink*

How about you? Are you into scarves?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Winterwear for the Budget and Fashion Conscious

It’s wintertime, and we all need to spruce up our warmest clothes, to stay fashionable, as well as warm.  The trendiest items are often the most expensive on the rack, when it comes to winter wear, so here are a few options to stay winter-warm on a budget, and in style.

Layering for Looks

One of the easiest ways to stay warm during the winter, is to layer on multiple articles of clothing, but here’s a few ways not to look bulky, and use some of the pieces you already have. Get new use out of long sleeve light-weight flannels, by pairing a few summer tanks and short sleeve tees underneath. Keep a light-wool jumper on top, without too much underneath, because you are not wearing all-typical, winter-weight. These quick layering tips will save you from having to purchase heavy weight jumpers, and instead stay toasty warm, for less money outright.

Consignment Winterwear

Keep your eyes open for the latest mom-n-pop consignment boutiques, which often carry season-specific items. In the middle of spring, if there are any winter items, they will be the cheapest in the store. Take advantage of these massive savings, by thinking ahead, and shopping seasonally, to save on some really stylist pieces, at twice the bargain – consignment, and seasonal.


Watch for the internet daily deals sites, as you can save a bundle, and bundle up, if you catch a winter clothing day. Hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, all are items often available on sale on these sites.  Set up alerts to be sent to your e-mail, with tag words such as ‘Winter Clothing Online Sale’ and other specific items, and you will be directed to great sales available online, as soon as they are posted. Winter accessories are easy to give as gifts, so these are often marketed that way, but if there is a pair you like, scoop up several of the daily deals, and keep one for yourself.

Do an Inventory

We know it’s cold, but before you go traipse out to the nearest fashionable shop, make sure you check what is in your closet first. Item that are packed away are often forgotten, and can easily be replaced with something similar, and less effective in your wardrobe. Make sure you take out all those bins of clothes from last year, and look to see what really needs to be updated in your wardrobe, and remember what you love. One of the best ways to save on winter clothing, is simply to love and re-style some of your favorite pieces into new warm, wintry looks.

Swap-Meet Winter Looks

Grab a friend, or a couple, and throw a winter wear swap meet. Before it gets chilly, call a few pals, and ask them all over to yours, but with one condition—they bring their favorite give-away jumpers. Chances are, they are still great pieces, but just over-used, or grown out of articles of clothing that would make the best addition to any wardrobe. Use it as a great way to save on your winter wardrobe, and to have a blast while trading warm blouses, jumpers, hats & scarves. Invite friends, throw all the items into a few bags in the center of the room, and have at it – voila, mixnmatch, free, fun, hand-me-down winter wear.