Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coming August 28, 2014 $1 Eyeglasses

Are you in need of new glasses but you are hesitant because of their high prices?  Desire the versatility of several pairs of eyeglasses without the usual high investment? which offers chic and superior eye-wear at affordable prices is going to have a $1 eyeglasses campaign! Lasting one week only from Aug. 28 to Sep. 3. 

During that period of time, you will be able to buy particular prescription eyeglasses for only $1.  The qualifying available eyeglasses will be various in type. Due to the very low prices of the glasses, the time of the campaign is limited, so are the quantities of available frames and lenses. Head over to and plan your future eye-wear wardrobe.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

His New Kick Toy

Like I said last week about shopping for soccer ball on the's the ball that we ended up with - an Adidas Brazuca 2014 Top Glider soccer ball which we got at Dick's Sporting Goods. We were able to enjoy a 20% discount on this one which was great, but still this ball wasn't cheap. But I like it and most of all, our son likes it. They only have a few choices for kids too compared to what they offer on their website and we didn't like the other colors. This is definitely the most colorful and nicest, for us. Can you tell we are fans of the World Cup? Wink wink!

We just received an e-mail from the soccer association today and practice will start on the first week of September.

We are so looking forward to it most especially our son who is so ready especially now that he got his new kick toy.

Friday, August 8, 2014

10 90’s Fashion Trends that Should NEVER Come Back

Who could forget the 90's when boy bands like Backstreet Boys stole our hearts, and the Spice Girls ruled the world. We may think back to those days with fond memories of phones too big to stuff in our pockets and those adorable but creepy Furby pets, but there are just some things that shouldn't leave the 90's. Not as extreme as the 80's but this decade sure did pack in some bright and out there fashion styles that we hope won't cycle back into the new trends.

So let's look back on the list of the top 10 fashion trends from the 90's that will all make us go "How did my mother ever let me walk out of the house wearing THAT??"

1. Frosted Tips and Chunky Highlights

Male or female, each were all equal offenders in the bleach category when it came to hair. Justin Timberlake sure did rock it back then, but the blonde man-lights should stay gone. The natural look seems much more flattering as solid chunks of hair dye scattered throughout pin straight hair was a highly requested look at this time.

2. Dark Lip Liner

J Lo did it best with her voluptuous lips, but for most this style did anything but make our lips look attractive. No matter the skin tone, dark browns and reds were drawn on with crayon-like makeup that hopefully wouldn't smudge off with every meal.

3. Chain Wallets

Certainly one of the more practical styles of the 90’s as there is no way you would ever lose your wallet when a huge silver chain was linking it to your pants, but fashionable is pushing it. Let’s hope this accessory stays where it started even if it has led to fewer lost wallets over the years.

4. Platform Shoes

From chunky beaded flip flops to platform sneakers you could add a whole 6 inches to your height as long as you could master walking in stilts. Some heels in today’s fashion world may be just as difficult to navigate, but a pair of stilettos sure do look a lot classier than these overly clunky go-go-gadget shoes
5. Yin Yang accessories

This decade's obsession with the yin yang symbol was seen everywhere, including all over our bodies. They even became a traditional symbol of friendship as matching jewelry rolled in, but we're glad it has not come back around and probably so are the Taoists!

6. The Bowl Cut

If you were a boy in the 90's, there's a good chance your parents did not let you escape childhood without that authentic bowl cut. Even on adults the stringy Nick Carter look was not flattering with parted bangs right down the middle, thank goodness those locks got the snip in the upcoming years.

7. Slap Bracelets

Always fun to play with and catch your friends off guard but ridiculously cheesy and started off as a toy! How this became a jewelry trend of the decade is beyond belief with every print from smiley faces all the way to zebra, you could collect them all!

8. Chokers

Usually in a classic black plastic material for those with a simpler style, you had to give these babies a little stretch to get them adjusted just right around your neck. Not the most flattering of necklaces, or the most comfortable, let’s all stick to our normal length jewelry in this decade.

9. Skorts

How convenient, all the looks of a skirt with the comfort of shorts! It may of come in handy during this time, especially for more active women, but they did nothing for our figure! Let the professionals on the tennis court keep this style as we now have the tough decision of selecting one or the other out of our closets.

10. JNCO Jeans

Nothing baggier has come along so far as JNCO jeans hit the mark on massive pants. Highly popular among circles of the hip-hop and skater look these ultra-width jeans could give up to 50 inches of slack at the bottom. I think we’ll stick to our more form fitting styles!


 About the author

The author, Rebecca Borchers, is a freelance writer specializing in fashion tips and advice. To make sure you don't make any fashion faux pas, she highly recommends Morana for all your fashion needs. You can learn more about Rebecca if you visit her Google+.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Soccer Ball Shopping this Weekend

Yup, and that is because fall soccer is just around the corner. To be precise, the first match will be sometime in September, but their first practice will be at the end of this month so, we have to get the little one his soccer ball.

Also, we need to do the shopping this weekend so we will be able to avail of the 20% off at Dick's Sporting Goods. We were able to enjoy the same discount when we got his soccer accessories last year. The soccer organization has collaborated with Dick's Sporting Goods and they always give the soccer players a 20% discount every season.

I've been browsing their line of soccer balls today and I think I already knew which one to get. Not unless the little one will see something that he likes better. I don't really mind. He's going to be the one to use the ball so it is just right to let him choose which one he thinks is nice.

I can't wait to go shopping this weekend. But of course. I always look forward to shopping. (Wink!)